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Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a fun and exciting tower defense game - your beautiful home is under attack from wave after wave of flesh eating zombies; you must use a variety of plants in your front garden to eradicate the zombies and maintain the peace. You can place a whole host of plants in your garden, all of which have different abilities and purposes. For example the sunflower generates additional sunlight, whilst the pea plant shoots peas at the zombies.

Sun is your basic unit of currency and this drops over time for you to collect - you can generate additional sunlight by planting the aforementioned sunflowers. Other units can act as defensive blockades like the walnut - this unit can absorb high amounts of damage and stop approaching zombies. As you progress, you unlock more of your garden to place plants on - this also means you will fight additional zombies however. The stronger you become, the greater variety of zombies you will fight - some zombies have traffic cones on their head and take longer to destroy for example.

This game is immense fun and you will find yourself playing for hours and creating the perfect defensive garden!


Plants vs. Zombies is developed by PopCap Games - this hugely succesfuly company has also created the fantastic Bejeweled series.



  • Left click and drag to place plants
  • Left click to collect sunburst
  • Left click to interact with menus

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