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World Cup Games

Support your national team in these World Cup Games

The World Cup’s are is a global tournament that countries from around the world compete in. The most recognizable tournament is the Fifa World Cup - this is where the best national soccer teams fight it out to be crowned kings of the football world.

Other tournaments like this exist for various sports too - it’s not just soccer. If you love sports and enjoy the competition these tournaments bring, you will love the collection of World Cup Games we provide. Read on to find out more information!

What can you expect from these epic soccer games?

Games like this are made for football and sport fanatics. If you enjoy sport, you will love the competition that can be had when these games are played online. The following are some common features of World Cup games:

  • Penalty Kicks
  • Extra time if the score is 0-0
  • Famous players from top leagues like La Liga
  • Different shaped and sized soccer balls
  • Side-scrolling action
  • Control single players, or complete teams

There is so much to do and get to grips with in soccer games. For example, you may have to become one of the penalty shooters and try to grab the win. Or you may have to control a whole team of players and try to out-play the opposing team!

Control your favorite team in these popular football games

In the sections below, we have listed some of the most popular World Cup games - speedplay world soccer is not featured here, but there is a host of other amazing titles:

Soccer Masters Euro 2020 - If you have played soccer you will know about the European Cup - in this game you can play as the best teams from Europe and try to win this prestigious tournament. Both singleplayer and two player dual control match types are available.

Head World Cup - This game concentrates on heading the ball as opposed to free kicks or penalty shootouts. You control players with oversized heads and must try to head the ball into the opposing team’s net! Choose from three difficulties, and try to keep the ball afloat in this volleyball/soccer cross

A Small World Cup - Choose from 8 different soccer teams in this pixelated game including England, Italy, and Brazil. The graphics are retro, but the gameplay is fun. You must swipe to move your soccer stars and try to score goals in this quick match format. Work your way through each match and try to win the Fifa World Cup!

Why not try out some of these online soccer games today and see if you can reach the world cup final? Alternatively, don’t forget tournament-based games for other sports like Try Hard: Rugby World Cup, and World Basketball Cup. These titles offer similar gameplay, but for different sporting events!

We have over 20 different titles in this genre all of which offer brilliant sports gameplay, and the chance to lift prestigious trophies from around the world!


What are the most popular World Cup Games?

  1. Cricket World Cup
  2. Penalty Kick Wiz
  3. Goalkeeper Wiz
  4. Soccer Masters: Euro 2020
  5. International Super Animal Soccer
  6. A Small World Cup
  7. Bad Soccer Manager
  8. Penalty Rivals
  9. Foot Chinko: Russia 2018
  10. Drop Kick: World Cup

What are the best World Cup Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Cricket World Cup
  2. Penalty Rivals
  3. A Small World Cup
  4. Soccer Masters: Euro 2020
  5. Euro Penalty Cup 2021

What are World Cup Games?

Get ready for the ultimate soccer experience with our World Cup game collection. Lead your team to victory and lift the trophy. Can you become the world champion?

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