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Spot the Difference Games

Play spot the difference for free in any of these games! How observant are you?

Free Spot the Difference Games

How to Play Spot the Difference

Each spot the difference game has a unique theme based on the same premise - finding the subtle differences between two pictures and clicking them to show that you have identified the difference. Find the Difference is a simple game based on this premise. Find all the differences until none remain!

Improve Learning and Attention

Spot the difference games feature great, simple puzzles for kids. They help your child improve their concentration and decision-making skills by actively engaging their attention, and they're fun to play for adults too.

See how clever you are in any of these online spot the difference games, and check out our kids site for more fun games for kids.


What are the most popular Spot the Difference Games?

  1. Find The Difference
  2. Find Differences: Spot 'Em All
  3. Hello Kitty – Activity Book
  4. Find 5 Differences
  5. 6 Differences

What are the best Spot the Difference Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Find The Difference
  2. 6 Differences
  3. Find 5 Differences
  4. Hello Kitty – Activity Book

What are Spot the Difference Games?

Spot the Difference is a classic puzzle game where you evaluate two pictures side by side and identify all the differences between the images.

Play the Best Online Spot the Difference Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Find The Difference and Many More Right Now!
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