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Roguelike Games

Hack and slash your way through these epic free roguelike games! No download required. Use the page filter to sort the games by popularity and freshness.

The Roguelike Renaissance

Roguelike games have seen a renaissance in recent years, with the rise of Hades, Risk of Rain 2, Darkest Dungeon, and many more roguelite/roguelike games from indie creators.

If you’re a fan of these awesome games, then check out some of the free roguelikes on this page that you can play for free without downloading any files.

Our Top Picks

We’ve curated some of the best roguelike games to guide you in the right direction. If you enjoy the fast-paced and addictive action of a game like Hades, you’ll love War Lands. This game has an ARPG dungeon crawler feel and features meta-character progression after each crawl.

There are games that have already made waves, and some new titles that are still making their mark. Dwarves: Glory, death, and Loot is a fun roguelike where you create your own army of dwarves, and its well worth checking out.

Bullet hell games are increasingly categorized alongside roguelikes and roguelites. For a more bullet-hell-inspired game that may still appeal to the roguelike-lover, check out Fantasy Madness. 10 Minutes Till Dawl is another supremely addictive game in this category, along with Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena.

Hopefully our suggestions help guide you towards your next favorite roguelike game! Browse the full page for many more free roguelike games. You can play these games on mobile and desktop devices.


What are the most popular Roguelike Games?

  1. Endless Waves Survival
  2. War Lands
  3. Fantasy Madness
  4. Dwarves: Glory, Death, and Loot
  5. Tavern Rumble: Roguelike Card
  6. Die in the Dungeon
  7. Lunar Knight
  8. Idle Superpowers
  9. Forebloomed
  10. Grimdark Survivors

What are the best Roguelike Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Battle Button Clicker
  2. King Survivors
  3. Hero Survivors
  4. Brawl Hero
  5. Endless Waves Survival

What are Roguelike Games?

Roguelike is a subgenre of RPG games that traditionally features dungeon crawling through procedurally generated levels and turn-based combat. However, it’s more loosely defined these days, and can also include hack n’ slash gameplay, meta progression, and more. These more loosely defined games are also referred to as roguelite vs roguelike.

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