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Love Games

Learn to love in any of our free online love games. Go on dates, kiss your crush, and test your compatibility. These are great games to play around valentine’s day. Check out or love games and have fun!

The Best Free Love Games

Are you ready to fall hopelessly in love with these online love games? Follow your heart and find a game that matches your desires. If unsure, you can always go with the best love games like Secret Office Kissing and Love Tester.

Get dressed up and ready for a date in Goldie Crush Date, or play Harley Learns to Love and dress Harley Quinn for valentine’s day!

Whatever flavor of love you’re looking for, you can find various free love games to choose from here. Have fun and enjoy the romance!


What are the most popular Love Games?

  1. A Grim Love Tale
  2. True Love Calculator
  3. Emerald and Amber
  4. Love Clicker: Valentine's Day
  5. Love In Style
  6. Impossible Date
  7. Harley Learns To Love
  8. Goldie Crush Date
  9. Heart to Heart
  10. Elsa Breakup Game

What are the best Love Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Elsa Breakup Game
  2. Love In Style
  3. Harley Learns To Love
  4. Goldie Crush Date
  5. Love Clicker: Valentine's Day

What are some underrated Love Games?

  1. Love Tester

What are Love Games?

Love games are full of one emotion - love. You can go on an adventure motivated by a love interest or check whether you’re a good match for someone you have a secret crush on. Most love games focus on romantic love, so that’s what you’ll find when looking for love games to play online.

Play the Best Online Love Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play A Grim Love Tale and Many More Right Now!
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