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Funny Games

Prepare to simultaneously ‘lol’ and ‘xD’ yourself silly with our collection of funny online games. You can sort the games by top, new, and most played using the filter.

Funniest Games

You can see the most played funny games by sorting by ‘most played’ at the top. Some of these user-proclaimed funniest games include Google Feud, a brilliant game where you guess the auto-complete of Google queries. We Become What We Behold also features humor but with a real message about society.

Another hilarious game is Seven Days in Purgatory, a fun decision-making game where you decide the fate of humans based on their virtues and sins — no big deal!

Funny Political Games

Several funny web gaming classics from the golden era of Flash games have been based on political figures. Usually to mock them. You can now play them in HTML5, like the classic Bush Shootout

Browse the rest of these online funny games to find a game that makes you do a full-bodied chuckle.


What are the most popular Funny Games?

  1. We Become What We Behold
  2. Funny Shooter 2
  3. Elastic Man
  4. Stickman Escape School
  5. ToT or Trivia
  6. Funny Battle Simulator 2
  7. The Epic Party
  8. Logica Emotica
  9. Calm Them Down
  10. Seven Days in Purgatory

What are the best Funny Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. We Become What We Behold
  2. Sushi Rush
  3. Cheap Golf
  4. Calm Them Down
  5. Facial House

What are some underrated Funny Games?

  1. Google Feud

What are Funny Games?

Funny games feature elements of comedy, whether it is silly, satire, slapstick, or anything in between. Some funny games might be on the sillier side and revolve around poop and fart jokes, while others feature a more subtle or underlying message that makes us laugh.

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