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Browse our collection of connect games and link anything from fruits to animals. Sort the list by top, newest, and most popular using the provided filters.

Play the Best and Newest Connect Games

Be the first player to connect the dots

Words, jewels, fruits, cats - all things can be connected. Choose a game that connects with you.

One of the most popular connect games is Connect 4 (four in a row). In this title, you have to join four circles in a row before your opponent. If you'd prefer to play solo and do something creative and brainy, check out Word Wipe and connect letters in all directions to form words.

Create pairs by matching tiles

Tile-matching games are a popular choice for gamers who land on this page. There are various mahjong games that fit the bill, like Onet Connect and Mahjong Cook. You can even connect Simpson's faces in Tiles of the Simpsons. Tile matching games are perfect if you want some low-intensity gaming.

Whether you're searching for the missing link or looking to take on someone head-to-head, there are plenty of connect games here to keep you occupied for a while!


What are the most popular Connect Games?

  1. Dream Pet Link
  2. Lumeno
  3. Word Wipe
  4. Tiles of the Simpsons
  5. Stick Animator
  6. Om Nom Connect Classic
  7. Word Sauce
  8. Advent Mahjong
  9. Connected Towers
  10. Lines on Sides

What are the best Connect Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Word Sauce
  2. Lumeno
  3. Word Wipe
  4. Dream Pet Link
  5. Merge the Numbers

What are Connect Games?

Connect games involve matching two or more pieces together to clear them from play or win the game. There is a variety of single and multiplayer connect games. Some involve connecting pieces before your opponent, while many others are single-player games where you match pairs, like mahjong.

We collected 74 of the best free online connect games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new connect games such as Advent Mahjong and top connect games such as Dream Pet Link, Lumeno, and Word Wipe.
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