Wondrous Lands

Wondrous Lands is a cool RPG in a beautifully detailed and retro fantasy world. The evil demon Vorag has escape from her prison and is once again unleashing hell across the land - you must assemble a troop of valiant heroes to slay her and bring peace back to your world. To start with you must choose three heroes - try and build a balanced team that can take on all your enemies.

The battle system is automatic and you simply have to sit back and watch as your heroes fight various monsters. You can undertake various different quests to earn rewards, experience and equipment for your characters. As your heroes level up you can teach them new skills and abilities and upgrade their statistics. It is also possible to donate gold you earn to the gods who in return will grant you certain battle bonuses. This game is huge amounts of fun - can you defeat Vorag in the wondrous lands?


Wondrous Lands is made by the indie developerHardland Studio (Mikhail Pechaneu and Vladimir Gulidov). Follow them on Facebook if you like this game.



  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to interact
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