The Last Bunker

The Last Bunker is a fun mix between a zombie clicker game and a defense game. You need to help survivors to reach your bunker, but watch out for the zombies that are trying to eat the survivors.

Kill the zombies by clicking them or let your defensive turret do the job. Collect golden brains by killing zombies and from the rescued survivors. Train survivors to become lab technicians and increase your scientific resources! Get some bonus golden brains and science resources by killing the blue creatures that occasionally appear.

Rescued survivors need to go through series of processes before they can work in the lab and start to produce science research for you. Once you have enough resources, make sure to hire managers to idly process the survivors and upgrade your bunker. Have fun!


The Last Bunker is developed by Hyper Hippo, the creators of the famous game Adventure Capitalist!


This game currently is in pre-alpha stage and will be further developed. An alternative link (which gets updated) can be found here.



Left click to attack the zombie and make the survivor run faster.
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