The Impossible Game
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The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game is exactly what you would expect - a challenging game of skill, timing and precision in which you must control a square and attempt to jump over various objects at high speeds. Your square moves automatically and you simply control the jumping motion - you must time your jumps perfectly to avoid the various obstacles on each level.

This game is exceedingly hard and we doubt that anyone will be able to complete it without any restarts. If you are struggling, you can enter the practice mode which allows you to test your jumping skills. If you hit any object at all during your run then you must restart at the last checkpoint. Can you conquer the impossible game? How many restarts will it take?

Release Date

April 2014


FlukeDude developed The Impossible Game.


  • Very hard game, but you can practice how to beat it by entering the training mode
  • The attempts you have used are displayed


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Left click or space bar to jump.