8.5 is the strategy game based in space where you are the leader of a naval fleet on a mission to dominate the universe. You will fly from planet to planet as you invade and conquer each one to gain more spaceships to join your ever-growing army.

Fight and win battles to complete your quest, use your newly acquired ships to overpower your opponents and do not forget to use your special ability to turn the tide of war. You can play solo or with the AI to customize your playing experience. Conquer all to become the supreme ruler of the universe. Good luck!

Release Date

August 2018

Developer was made by SideQuest Software Ltd.


  • Space navy management and space domination gameplay
  • You can play solo or with an AI
  • A linking system to help boost the planets' defenses
  • Several power-up abilities to use based on the planets you capture
  • Smooth graphics and effects


Web browser



  • Use left/right mouse button to interact
  • Press WASD or arrow keys to move the camera
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