Squid Ink
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Squid Ink

Squid Ink is an idle game with a twist - you are a squid farmer! It is your duty to produce squid ink to sell to other businesses. To start with, you own a simple black squid that continuously produces ink - you can massage the squid to help it produce ink faster. To improve your ink collection you can purchase a variety of upgrades and also buy feed for your squids.

Shells are the main unit of currency and you can gain more shells by selling your ink to buyers - check the current price fluctuation and market before selling. Don't forget to collect the random chests that appear in the water - they can contain bonus items and shells. Ensure to upgrade the capacity of your tank too so you can hold more ink. This idle game has great playability and you can earn a variety of in-game achievements too. Can you create a successful squid ink business?


Squid Ink is developed by Lollygag Games.


Move left mouse button on a squid to produce more inks.