Spidle Tridle
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Spidle Tridle

Spidle Tridle is an idle resource gathering and management game. You have travelled through space but your craft has crashed and you have landed on a strange alien planet. All you have is your craft and a small base from which you must gather resources and attempt to escape. To start, you must build an iron mine on an active iron deposit - you can then gather iron and convert it into other resources.

Once you have sufficient stores of Iron you can purchase a steel mine to and place this over an active steel deposit. Each time you deploy a new form of resource mine a new one becomes available with a different type of material. You must also manage your storage to ensure you can hold a sufficient amount of resources and also research new technologies and improvements for your base. Can you successfully gather the required resources to buy your ticket back to earth?


Spidle Tridle is developed by Solinv, a very talented indie developer.


Use left mouse button to play.