Scrabble Sprint

Test your literacy skills in scrabble online! Scrabble Sprint is an online version of the classic Scrabble board game that millions of people know and love! You must utilize the letters in your tray to create words - try to make long words and use letters that have a higher point score. Each letter has a different value and some have a much higher score (usually letters that are harder to place like Q and X).

Be sure to check the different score multipliers on the game board too - some squads give you double and triple scores for example. Play against thousands of other players online and test out your literacy skills in intense Scrabble Sprint battles! Can you create some huge words and score big on the Scrabble board?

Scrabble words strategies and tips

To play scrabble successful requires a great knowledge of words, but also cunning and skill. You must also be able to think fast and try to make the highest scoring words possible. This game is slightly different from the original - you do not choose where to place the letters.

This means that you can concentrate fully on the words list and creating high scoring words from the official scrabble dictionary. You are also fighting against a timer so you must work fast. Try to utilize the score multipliers - especially the word bonus.

This version of scrabble online is one of the most exciting word games we have seen and a great twist on the original board game.

Release Date

December 2012


  • Random set of words in each new game
  • Get bonus points if you are using letters in premium squares
  • Fun and addictive online Scrabble game
  • You can exchange letters by using the remaining time


  • Web browser



Left click to play.
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