Potty Racers 3
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Potty Racers 3

Potty Racers 3 is the third instalment of the awesome and fun Potty Racers series. Don't forget to try out the original and Potty Racers 2 beforehand to get a feel for the series and how it works. In Potty Racers 3 you still aspire to become the greatest racer in the world and you must improve your potty and racing skills to reach new distances and speeds.

This game features improved graphics and gameplay and also whole new host of equipment and upgrades. Each day you must launch your racer down the slope and attempt to fly it as far as possible. Once you have flown your potty, you earn cash - use this cash to purchase upgrades and accessories to boost the speed and flight capabilities of your potty. Keep upgrading and improving your potty to eventually become the champion!

Release Date

August 2011


Gonzo Games developed Potty Racers 3.


  • Many upgrades and attachments for your potty
  • Missions to be completed
  • Funny scene when you landed on the water
  • Collectable power-ups during the flight
  • Various tricks to be used


  • Web browser


  • Right arrow to push your potty
  • Left and right arrow to balance
  • 123456 to do trick (after unlocked)