Peacemakers 1919

Peacemakers 1919 is a superb maps-and-border drawing game in which you must attempt to recreate a monumental event at the end of WWI and reorganize the countries and borders within Europe.

You must try and draw the borders as carefully as possible to replicate the events that took place. The graphics are excellent, and the recreation of the Paris Peace Conference is spot on! Why not try this interesting WW1 game today?

NOTE: Use load data in the levels selection to load your latest saved progress.

Release Date

January 2019


Peacemakers 1919 was made by Borington.


  • A unique maps border drawing game
  • Based on a historic event, the Paris Peace Conference in 1919
  • Many tools to use
  • 24 maps to play


Web browser


  • Press right mouse button to paint with the primary color
  • Press left mouse button to paint with the secondary color
  • 1-7 button to use a tool
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