9.1 is a fantastic multiplayer survival game in which you must try and survive against a horrific zombie outbreak – hordes of walkers are roaming through the streets at night and you must do what you can to eliminate them and to survive.

At first you only have your fists and you must simply smash the zombies into oblivion. As you progress however you can pick up weapons and ammunition to allow you to kill them quicker. You must also watch out for other players – maybe you can form an alliance with them, or maybe you will hunt them down – the choice is yours!

Release Date

April 2018


JeFawk developed, the same developer who made


  • An awesome .io game about surviving the night from zombie attacks
  • The environment is very dark and you can use the flashlight to light your way
  • Different weapon options to use
  • Top-down camera view
  • Noise meter


Web browser



  • Move your mouse to make the character move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to do a melee attack
  • 12345 to switch items
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