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My Shark Show


My Shark Show is a fun arcade game where you play as a shark performing tricks. Give your customers maximum satisfaction by jumping through fiery hoops, eating meat, and smashing into various human intruders!

How to Play

Various level themes

My Shark Show is an easy and fun game that anyone can play. Simply use the directional keys to move around the water and complete the various tasks given to you. There are new tricks you can do on each level!

Perform well for money

The crowd will cheer and throw more money at you the better you perform tricks. Be a good shark and do your tricks well to get the maximum reward for each level.

Buy new animals

After a long day impressing humans with your deadly tricks, you can use your money to buy new sharks and other strange sea beasts.

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  • Perform shark tricks for money
  • Use the money to buy more sea creatures
  • Please the crowd to earn more
  • Various levels with different themes

Release Date

October 2021


Web browser


Press WASD or the arrow keys to move.