My Pet Clinic

My Pet Clinic is a fun veterinarian game in which you must help all of the poorly pets that come into your clinic. You are the only doctor on site so it is up to you to bring the cute pets back to complete health and make them happy again. Every pet that walks through your door is relying on you do not let them down.

Every animal has a unique issue that requires your expertise to fix them, use the on-screen instructions to work through the required steps to bring them back to full health once again. Treat all of the five different types of pets correctly. Good luck!

Release Date

October 2018


  • A doctor game for pets
  • Five pets to treat: dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, and bird
  • Different problems
  • Three stage of procedures to do for each pet


My Pet Clinic is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Use left mouse button to play.
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