Mages is a superb 3D multiplayer arena game. In this awesome game, you must take control of a mage and fire loads of cool spells at your opponent. There are several rounds in each game, and the winner is the one with the most round victories.

You can upgrade your mage and buy powerful new spells for them, also as you are playing watch out for the hot lava surrounding the arena! Try your best to rise in the ranks of mages and show off your spells in this fantastic game!

Release Date

February 2019


Mages is made by redka.


  • Four rounds of elimination
  • Inspired by Warlock game from Warcraft 3
  • More than 10 awesome spells to use
  • Third-person view
  • Bots to play with
  • Playable in fullscreen


Web browser
NOTE: Select a region and room to start playing.


  • Movement is with WSAD keys
  • Skills are Q, E, R, F, Space bar, and Shift
  • Casting is with the left mouse click
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