Legends of Zora

Legends of Zora is the battle strategy game in which you control an army of troop s in the legends of Zora league. Your troops are dropped into battle and will automatically head towards enemy castles and structures, it is up to you as their commander to assist them and make sure that the battle falls in your favor.

This is a 3D real time game in which you can battle other players or join arms with them to create the ultimate alliance. There are two awesome maps to play on with 5 different skills to use during your battles. There are two hero options to help you bolster you attacking threat and become the dominating force on the battleield. Good luck!

Release Date

September 2018


Radoi Teodor made Legends of Zora.


  • 3D real-time MOBA game
  • 2 map with high details
  • 5 different skills to use
  • 2 strong hero options
  • Play 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, or 4vs4


Web browser



  • Move with a left mouse button
  • Move the camera by dragging the right mouse button
  • F: focus the camera on the player
  • Left mouse button: attack
  • Q W E R T: skills
  • Tab: menu
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