Jelly Escape
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Jelly Escape

Since the beginning of time Jellies have been used as a form of entertainment. Now is the time for the Jellies to escape however and gain freedom... freedom in their very own paradise. In Jelly Escape you must help each jelly escape by completing a series of fun and engaging platform levels. There are several different level difficulties, each of which allows you to control a different colored jelly.

The controls are simple and the gameplay evolves as you progress. You must make it to the end of the level in the shortest amount of time. During each level you must bypass a series of obstacles such as fire pits and avoid getting killed. As you progress the obstacles become increasingly difficult and challenging. Once you have completed a level, you can replay it to try and get a quicker score. As you progress you can also unlock 9 different jelly skins that you can play with. Can you help the jellies find their paradise and win their freedom?


Jelly Escape is a platform game developed by Taw Studio Entertainment.


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up or space bar to jump