Idlebyte RE

Idlebyte RE is a clicker-idle game about managing computer memory.

This is a remake of the original good IdleByte Flash game from 2015. The new version has enchanted graphics, better balance, bugfixes, and mobile support. Feel happy to play an old good game and have fun! You manage computer memory, buy different upgrades, get more memory, and exp. You can also level up, and you can spend your stat points for upgrading your stats.

Every 50 buildings increase the building level. When you have many YottaBytes of memory, you can gain chips from your memory. Each chip increases your memory income by 25%. Also, you can buy upgrades on your chips. The goal of this game is to buy the mystical upgrade.

Release Date

February 2021


denisolenison developed Idlebyte RE.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Click the screen or press "C" to speed up the tick bar.

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