Idle Potato 2

Idle Potato is a fun game of exploration - a group of potatoes are exploring space and have found an idle planet with no other life forms - they have called it Potato-Verse! Now that the potatoes have settled, they must explore, build a colony and prosper. To earn money, you must click on the potatoes to crush them - once you have a certain amount of cash, you can purchase upgrades that improves your click rate and power so you can harvest potatoes quicker.

Continue clicking and eventually you will have enough money to purchase trucks to collect your harvest, and power generators that automatically boost your income. Continue farming, expanding and purchasing upgrades and create a powerful and prosperous settlement. Can you create a profitable potato farm on potato-verse and make it in outer space?

How to play

Close the hud with E button to see the production field, then left click on a potato several times until it completely crushed to earn your first money.


Idle Potato 2 is developed by Dead Serious Bros.



  • Left click to play
  • A to rotate camera left
  • D to rotate camera right
  • F to focus on door
  • E to close the hud
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