Idle Mosquito

Mosquitos are insects that we all hate. But that's not the case in this game because you are now managing mosquitoes! Idle Mosquito is a game in which you command mosquitoes to extract blood from people. The extracted blood is used to increase your level and upgrade various things. Start by creating a new mosquito to help you to extract more blood. Then once you have accumulated enough blood, you can upgrade their flying speed, extraction speed, and blood capacity. The blood is stored in a big test tube. It can get full, but if you keep adding blood your level is steadily increasing and the tube capacity limit will increase. There is also a mini battle between your mosquito and other mosquitoes; make sure to increase its status to become a better fighter. Finally, after reaching a certain level, you can ascend to start over and multiply your value of each blood drop. Have fun!


When you can ascend, don't just ascend yet. Instead, keep increasing your level to increase the multiplier value after ascending.


This fun game is developed by Eduardo C, an indie game developer from Valencia, Spain.

Release date

May 2017 and was updated in October 2018.



Left click to upgrade.
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