Hoshi Saga 3

Hoshi Saga 3 presents a new series of challenging puzzles in this third instalment of the ongoing saga. You can choose from a variety of different challenges, each of which have a different star (difficulty) rating. There are no tips or hints, and you must simply use your brain, imagination and logic to solve each puzzle. Some puzzles require a simple sequence of clicks, whilst others require a complex series of movements and actions. Although this game might seem daunting at first, once you understand the mechanics and concept, you will understand what must be done to solve each riddle. As you progress you can unlock additional levels – how far will you progress? Will you complete Hoshi Saga 3?


This game is developed by Yoshio Ishii from Neko Games – this developing team has created other browser titles such as A journey of Death and Beasts Blemish.



Use your left mouse button to solve the various puzzles
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