Hangman allowed players around the world to compete in the classic paper game of hangman in which you have to uncover a word before our cute character has to face the noose! You can play on your own in a free game with no time limits, or a timed game with a 2 minute limit. Alternatively you can play against your friends or other players online.

During each game you are presented with a word and you must guess that word by selecting the different letters. If you guess a letter incorrectly, a piece of the noose and gallows appears! If you keep getting letters wrong, the noose will eventually be complete and our character will be hung! The words are challenging and you must really think hard about your choice of letters. Can you become a hangman hero or will you send our character to his demise?

Release Date

August 2015


Hangman is developed by Farlex.


  • You can invite your friend to a match
  • You can use the hint to reveal a letter, but that will cost you a coin
  • Play solo to test train skills
  • Cute animations of the character


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to play.