6.2 is the out of this world action game in which you need to be the ultimate spaceship pilot flying through the cosmos whilst battling other online players in dog fights. Witness the stunning views as you navigate around small planets and avoid meteorites however this is no field trip, you must defeat all other players using your on-board weapons.

Use your pilot skills in this game as only the best will survive, avoid all in-coming missiles and bullets using flying maneuvers. Get into position behind your enemy and blow them to oblivion. Become the best and watch your name rise on the leaderboard. Good luck!

Release Date

February 2017

Developer is developed by Fluxr, the same developer who made


  • Dynamic camera view
  • 6 spaceship models, each has its own strength and weakness
  • 2 game modes: FFA and TDM
  • Materials to customize the spaceship's appearance


Web browser



  • W or up arrow or right click to thurst
  • AD or left/right arrow to turn
  • Space bar or left click to shoot
  • Q or mouse scroll to switch weapons
  • B to look back
  • T to open chat
  • P to enter the first-person view
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