Funky Karts

Funky Karts is a side-scrolling racing game with cute animal characters and great physics! Ride your kart on challenging tracks and overcome obstacles to reach the finish line. In each level, try to collect all coins and grab the hidden objects; you may want to retry few times to grab all of them. There are traps that you need to avoid and things that can help you. The game features great physics, so that you can ride your car vertically to climb steep hills, and while doing so you can do a backflip to jump to the other side. Once you have enough coins, you can unlock new rides for your character. You can also unlock a new character by collecting all the maps on the tracks. Can you beat the time challenge and get all the unlockables? Have fun! You can play the mobile app to play all the areas.


Funky Karts is developed by Ross Smith.


This version of Funky Karts uses WebAssembly, a brand new browser technology!



Up or right arrow or left click to jump your kart.
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