Exocraft.io is a superb multiplayer io game in which you have been placed on an unknown planet and must mine the valuable resources you find on the surface. You control a mining craft and you must explore this strange planet and seek out wreckages and crystal points - mine resources from the wreckages and points and try to gather as much as possible.

Be sure to watch out for the guardians that guard the crystal points as they will try and stop you and destroy your mining craft! As you collect resources you can sell them for profit - use this profit to upgrade your craft with new equipment to improve your mining rate. You can also purchase drones that can protect your craft and fight the guardians. What are you waiting for, start mining today!

Release Date

February 2018


Exocraft.io was made by Goldfire Studios.


  • Full feature io mining game
  • Customizable mining airplane with various parts
  • Buyable drones to help you mine and attack
  • Guardian enemies that are defending the mining points
  • Detailed and polished objects
  • You can fast-travel to the trading post


Web browser



  • WASD or arrow keys or left click to move
  • Use left mouse button to interact
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