All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Island

All of Zhem: Escape Zombie Island is a cool 3D zombie shooter game in which you must try and survive against the infected hordes of zombies on an island. Your helicopter has crash landed and runs out of fuel. You find yourself surrounded by zombies!

You must do what you can to survive and eliminate the zombie threat. Use your weapon skillfully and move around the large island to explore. The graphics are superb, and the survival gameplay is interesting. Can you escape the island and get back to your helicopter in time?

Release Date

December 2018


Escape Zombie Island is made by KOEX studio.


  • 3D zombie survival game
  • A big island full of zombies that you need to explore
  • Hordes of zombies that can swarm you from different sides
  • Third-person view with first-person aiming mode


  • Web browser
  • Steam



  • WASD: movements
  • Space bar: jump
  • Right-click: aim
  • Left-click: shoot
  • Mouse click: melee
  • Select weapon: 1 & 2
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