Escape Plane

Escape Plane

Escape Plane is an intense endless airplane game in which you must try and survive against barrages of missiles. Your plane has strayed deep into enemy territory, and they are doing whatever they can to destroy you and smash your airplane from the sky.

You must show your epic piloting skills and try to survive as long as possible. The missiles are heat-seeking, and you can make them smash into each other by flying in zig-zag patterns. Watch out for the special black smoke missile as this moves faster! Try and escape with your plane and survive this warzone!

Release Date

November 2018


Escape Plane was made by Ramfusion.


  • An endless airplane survival game that is inspired by a game from Voodoo
  • The missiles are coming randomly from different directions
  • A special missile with black smoke that moves faster
  • Shield power-up


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Move your mouse to control the airplane's direction.