8.7 is the addictive multiplayer escape game in which you have to reach the red flag in each level. You are a little character who must navigate through obstacles and dangerous elements to reach your destination. The problem is that you cannot make it there alone, there will be up to 32 players in each game and you must either take advantage of others or sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

There are many pits and ledges that cannot be jumped over or reached without using a fellow player as a ledge to jump off of. Decide whether you will sacrifice yourself by jumping to your death to allow others to use your body as a platform or take advantage of others! Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018

Developer is made by Jaeyun Noh (m0dE). You can play his another similar game in


  • A different challenge in each level
  • Multiple levels to play
  • Physics-based gameplay
  • Up to 32 players in a room
  • Many hazardous objects that can eliminate you instantly

Platform is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



  • Use AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Press W or up arrow to jump