Dinogen Arena

Dinogen Arena is the super fun shooter game based on the classic game Dinogen. You are a soldier alone in the middle of a dangerous dinosaur invasion. You must try to survive by defeating all of the dinosaurs with your guns and expert soldier instincts.

There are two game modes to play on this game, you can play the endless survival mode game in which you are faced with a never-ending plague of dinosaurs to fend off. Survive as long as you can to gain a high score. Or you can a ranked mode where you will be set different challenges. Good luck!

Release Date

August 2018


XWILKINX made this game.


  • 2D top-down shooter game
  • 2 game modes: ranked and survival
  • The ranked mode has plenty of challenges to play against AI soldiers and dinosaurs
  • Many dinosaur types
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Smooth controls and animations


This game is a web browser game.



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left or right click to shoot
  • Space bar to use a melee attack
  • Number keys to switch weapons
  • E to use
  • R to reload
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