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Deep Miners Idle

Developed by  Neko

Deep Miners Idle is an idle mining game where you mine resources and dig deeper underground. Assemble a team of miners and go hunting for rarities lodged in the Earth’s crust! Keep upgrading to speed up the money-making process.


Mine for money 💰

Use your pickaxe to chip away at the Earth. You'll find coal and other minerals that you can exchange for coins and help fuel the drill.

Drill deeper underground 👇

Once your drill is powered up, use it to dig further down into the ground searching for more profitable resources to sell. You'll find gold, rubies, and other gems waiting to be discovered.

Hire more miners 👷

Use your gold to buy miners, so you can go idle while they work! Having more miners will speed up your ability to discover more of Earth's hidden treasures and reap the rewards.

Upgrade your business 📈

You can upgrade your own character's abilities to carry more, dig more, and exchange resources faster. You can upgrade these abilities in your workers too.

Alongside coin-based upgrades, you can apply wide-ranging effects by purchasing special upgrades using gems.

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Release Date

March 2022


Neko made this game.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jul 05, 2022


  • A = move left
  • D = move right

You can also use the left mouse button to press the in-game buttons to go left and right.


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