Crazy Island Zombie Hunter

Crazy Island Zombie Hunter is the super crazy driving game in which you have a whole load of bloodthirsty zombies blocking your path on a hectic highway. Use your driving skill to ram down all of the zombies in your path but make sure that avoid all of the obstacles that can cause your car to crash!

Make sure that you fully utilize your nitro boost to avoid all of the zombie attacks. If you take too much damage onto your car it will eventually become destroyed and you will be a sitting duck for the zombies to surround you. Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018


Crazy Island Zombie Hunter is made by Battle Kingdom Royal Games.


  • 3D car driving game with zombies
  • Awesome cars to use
  • Adrenaline pumping soundtracks
  • Easy controls


This game is a web browser game.



  • Arrow keys to drive
  • Left click to shoot a certain window
  • B to shoot all windows
  • Space bar to use nitro
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