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Computer Evolution

Computer Evolution is an awesome idle game in which you must run various applications on your computer to earn cash. Your cash builds automatically but you can improve your profit by installing apps and upgrading your computer hardware. You can upgrade your Hard Drive, Motherboard, CPU and RAM - each upgrade costs more and takes time to complete.

Keep running applications to generate more cash, but watch what strain it puts on your processing power etc. Install new apps and keep running them - as you keep running apps, they will eventually start running themselves and generating cash automatically. Keep upgrading your computer incrementally and work towards building a super system with unrivalled efficiency!

Release Date

February 2017


joao8991 made this game.


  • Hardware to be upgraded
  • You can click the applications to help earn money faster
  • You can format the computer to get revenue bonus


This game is a web browser game.



Left click to play.
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