Click It!

Click It! is a fun idle clicker game all about buttons! You start with one single colored button and you must click it - once the percentage bar is complete then you earn money. Repeat this process to build up your cash to allow you to purchase additional buttons and upgrades.

The first upgrade you should buy is to improve the tier of your button - the higher the tier, the quicker the percentage bar fills. After that you can purchase new buttons and work your way through the whole tree of upgrades. The game is incremental so every additional upgrade will cost more than the last one. Have fun creating your own set of buttons today!

Release Date

May 2018


Click It! was made by Barbas.


  • Different button colors based on the tier level
  • Many upgrades and automation to buy
  • You can reset the game and can earn a bigger income


Web browser



Left click to play.
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