Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders is an awesome retro 2D arcade game with similarities to Space Invaders. The evil chickens are invading space! They are arriving in vast numbers and you must try to eliminate them before they can do harm with your spaceship and weapons.

You must move left to right and fire a continuous stream of lasers to take out the chickens. You must have fast reflexes and work hard to bring them all down. As you progress the chickens will drop faster. Don't forget to collect the various power-ups that drop to - they can improve your firepower for example. Can you save the universe?

Release Date

December 2018


  • A cool space shooter game that is inspired by the same classic title from 1999
  • Many power-ups to pick-up during the battle


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Hold left mouse button on the spaceship to move it.
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