Cartoon Car Crash Derby Destruction World

Cartoon Car Crash Derby Destruction is a hectic and frantic cartoon car racing game. You can choose from a range of different cars including a Cadillac, a Police Car and even an enchanted pumpkin! Once you have chosen your vehicle you must take to the track and basically try and cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible in the allotted time!

There is a track in the centre of the level that contains various speed boosts and obstacles – the surrounding area contains a cityscape and huge forests. You can literally drive into and smash anything (except the buildings) – for each object you successfully smash, you earn coins and a multiplayer – these coins are turned into cash. You can then use that cash to purchase new vehicles! You can also collect money that is scattered throughout the level. This game is a blast and you will spend hours trying to achieve a new top score on the different available tracks.



  • WSAD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to handbrake
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