Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Boxhead 2Play Rooms is an amazing game of survival with retro blocky graphics and fun gameplay. There is three available game modes – single play, cooperative and death match; single play allows you to play survival mode alone, cooperative allows you to play split screen with a friend, and death match allows you to fight against your friend! The aim is simple – you must survive for as long as possible against hordes of zombies and use a variety of weapons to bring destruction on the undead.

On each level there is a series of explosive crates that you can destroy for an area of effect damage – be careful though, if you stand too close you will damage yourself too. There is also a plethora of red crates you can pick up. These contain extra ammo for your weapons. As you kill zombies, you level up and as you level up, you gain additional weapons and damage bonuses. Weapons include a pistol, shotgun, Uzi and even grenades. Every so often, a tougher red zombie appears. This zombie can take a huge amount of damage and also shoots fireballs so be careful and take him down quickly! How many waves can you survive for and what high score can you register?


  • Single player and Split screen gameplay
  • Over 10 different weapons and upgrades
  • Fight against hordes of zombies
  • Choose from four different characters

Release Date

May 2007


Boxhead 2Play Rooms was created by Sean Cooper who has also developed a host of other browser games including Boxhead The Zombie Wars, Boxhead More Rooms, and the Boxhead Halloween Special.



  • Arrow keys to move your character
  • Number keys to change weapon
  • Space Bar to shoot weapon

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