Beware of Zombies

Beware of Zombies is a 2D arcade game in which you must try to survive the zombie apocalypse by avoiding zombies and shooting them down when you get the chance. This is played in 2D style so use the four-movement controls to move you play left, right, up and down. You will need to avoid zombies as well as the mud traps that will slow your movements down making you more vulnerable.

Bombs will also periodically appear which will harm you so make sure to avoid these also. This is an endless game meaning that you just need to last for long as you can to get the highest score. Good luck!

Release Date

October 2018


Beware of Zombies is made by Mariano Baldovino.


  • A 2D strategy survival game
  • Endless gameplay, survive as long as possible from the zombies
  • The longer you play the bigger the challenge


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left mouse button to interact.
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