Back 2 Back Reloaded

Back 2 Back Reloaded is the ultimate sequel of the much-loved original zombie defense game Back 2 Back! Survive the plague of undead monsters once again as they try to break down your barriers and eat your brains!

The zombies are coming from every direction and it is up to you to hold them off. Defend your building with battle units that you can place to defeat them all. You have the ability to switch the units to different locations each time depending on where the zombies are coming from. Defeat them all and survive the invasion!

Release Date

January 2016


3way Interactive made Back 2 Back Reloaded.


  • Zombie defense game
  • Access new units as you proceed through the levels
  • You are given a limited amount of units to use in each level
  • Several power-ups to help the battle


This game is a web browser game.



Left click to play.
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