Adventures of Brave Bob

The Adventures of Brave Bob is a fun heroic platform game. Brave Bob is on a quest to save the princess and defeat the immense dragon named spikey – you must train bob and help him improve his fighting skills and armor in order to succeed. The gameplay features turn based attacking and bob will use basic attacks automatically – you can help him however perform deadly attacks and choose a range of different skills and moves for him to use.

Follow the advice from the talking scarecrow and enter the castle to fight the various monster and enemies that stand in your path. After each battle you can visit the merchant and purchase new and improved weapons and armor or you can upgrade your character to unlock new moves. You can also train Bob’s abilities such as speed and attack – for example you can train your attack by smashing the apples that the scarecrow throws at you! Keep training and upgrading and eventually you will defeat the dragon!


  • Left click to interact
  • Number keys to use skill
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