Kazap.io lets you experience an intense multiplayer starship battle! At first, you control a small starship, but you grow in size. The bigger your size, the bigger your damage. Hunt other players by shooting them with your laser and collecting their orbs when they're destroyed. Be careful with the laser fences that border the map, if you touch them, your starship is destroyed. Are you up for a space battle?

Release Date

April 2017


KinematicSoup Technologies Inc. made Kazap.io.


Web browser


Starship controls

  • WASD / Arrows - rotate, thrust, reverse
  • Z, L - break (stop quickly, turn slowly)
  • X, L - shoot (hold it down for rapid fire)
  • Space bar or shift – Boooooooooooost!


This game is developed by KinematicSoup Technologies Inc.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is the score as high as possible. You can go it alone, or use the party link and work with your friends. Collect orbs and destroy enemies to increase your score. As your score goes up, you grow in size and become more powerful. Your shots do more damage, your field of view increases, but your rate of fire and turning rate decrease. Once you hit size 60, you will be visible on the minimap for all players to hunt down, so make sure your sniping skills are up to the task - Even the smallest ship does enough damage to take you down quickly! Pro Tip: Master the Boost!
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