8.1 is an excellent multiplayer game that has cell-eating gameplay. This title takes inspiration from the fantastic and popular Agar title that started the whole genre.

You start off with a small cell and you must move around the map and try to grow in size. You grow by eating the colored items around the playing field. Try to take on other players as you grow bigger than them, and conquer the Blob arena!

Release Date

  • October 2016 (Android)
  • June 2017 (iOS)
  • February 2019 (HTML5)


Anton Zakhariev developed


  • Seven game modes, including Self Feed and Instant Merge
  • Exclusive skins
  • Friends system
  • Leaderboard to see top players
  • Fullscreen available


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • W to throw
  • Space bar to split
  • D to 2x split
  • T to 4x split
  • R to throw minion
  • E to split minion
  • S to stop minion
  • Q to spectate fly
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