ZS Dead Detective: A Cat's Chance in Hell

Zombie Society Dead Detective: A cats chance in hell is the next instalment in the Zombie Society saga. Nine Deaths Cat has escaped once again and you must work hard to capture her and bring your arch enemy to justice. Work together with your old detective partner and get right on the case - don't waste any time! Move around the city and start looking for clues.

Don't forget to talk to other characters and listen carefully to what they have to say - their information will prove invaluable in your investigation! Once you have gathered as much evidence as possible, you must use your detective skills to find Nine Deaths Cat! This game takes everything that made the other Zombie Society games so fun and enjoyable and adds more great features and another fun story.

Release Date

January 2018


Interactales made this game.


  • Lovely city
  • You can interact with everyone
  • Gather evidence and make conclusions


  • Web browser



Use the left mouse button to interact.

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