Zoo's Mad

The land of Zoo got cursed by a terrifying monster. Now, the land is mad. You are a magician and you have many magical cards to help your people. Use them in Zoo's Mad, a unique adventure game!


  • Elegant and simple rules that you'll learn in an instant.
  • A very tight system that allows only the most dramatic plays.
  • A difficulty level that adapts and responds naturally to your progression.
  • A myriad of challenging decisions to make and opportunities to seize.
  • 248 unique cards to collect and make magic with.
  • A wonderful kingdom, shuffled every game.
  • A cycle of seasons and weather, that shifts your encounters as your adventure unfolds.
  • 16 mad spirits, forming O so many unique encounters.
  • A terrible boss monster, waiting for you right in front of the castle.

Release Date

April 2018


Zoo's Mad was made by MicoWata.


Zoo's Mad is a web browser game.



The tutorial and the "?" at the bottom right of the screen will tell you everything. It's all mouse control.
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