Zombie Harvester Rush
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Zombie Harvester Rush

Zombie harvester is a unique game that offers something different. This fun game takes place on a farm. Instead of farming crops, you are instead farming zombies! To harvest zombies you must drive your harvester along the field. As you drive you must avoid obstacles, and mill the zombies by running over them.

Your harvester can overheat, and can only take a certain load; use this to your advantage and ensure your vehicle remains efficient. As you progress, you can upgrade your harvester. Using coins, you can improve its horse power, cooling and milling efficiency. Furthermore, you can buy new trucks and complete missions for extra rewards. Have fun milling the zombies in this exciting game!


  • Horse power – Increases maximum load capacity
  • Cooler – Increases heat reduction
  • Milling Efficiency – improves the speed of Zombie Milling


This fun and exciting game is developed by Artmobix.


Use your Left/Right keyboard arrows to turn the harvester.