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The Wanderer

The Wanderer is a simple but engaging text based game in which you must help a lone wanderer survive in the midst of an apocalypse. A nuclear war has broken out and the world’s population and cities have been devastated in the process. You must now explore this strange new landscape and complete random events each day to survive.

You must keep a close watch on your health, hunger and thirst, and also be wary of the various enemies that will try and waylay you in the wild. Each day you must make decisions and try to cope with the random events as best you can – some events will help you, whilst others are detrimental. As you progress you can upgrade your character’s strength, charisma, intelligence and agility. Can you survive in this harsh new world and beat the apocalypse?

Release Date

March 2018


The Wanderer is made by Jamie Parish.


  • Text-based gameplay with a clicker element
  • You can define the character's starting attributes
  • The ability to level up your character to replenish his status and increase an attribute
  • Random events
  • You must maintain basic needs to keep the character healthy


  • Web browser
  • Android


Use left mouse button to interact.

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The Wanderer
This is a first-class clicker game that you can play here on , for free. The game is made with Unity WebGL technology to work flawlessly in modern browsers. The Wanderer is available in your browser and as as an Android game. You can play this game in full-screen to get the full experience. The game was created by Jamie Parish. This game has received 13,725 plays and has received a rating of 6.9 out of 10 by 161 people. If you like this game, take a look at our other clicker games or Bullet Force and Shell Shockers.